Zisland has RETURNED! I will be posting all of my old photoshoped work on here along with all the new stuff I've made over the past year or so AMBLIN!

Photoshop Stuff

Nightmare- Tis scary i wouldnt look at it if i were you

Messyness- Tis a mess.

Evil Soldier Man- Didn't come out the way i wanted it to its a failure.

Assault Squirrel- An assault squirrel sold to the mexican militia for 3 pesos. Pesos smell like gasoline. UPDATED!

Video Game Skin for a videogame- For some game my friends dad plays on his computer.

Colored in a picture in photoshop- It looks like it did it with a marker but i didnt its photoshoped.

Mumsday present for my mum- I made this for my mum on mothersday in 2003.

Video Game Induced Seizure- Done in school in 5 minutes for a powerpoint presentation. More pictures to come as soon as I get around to making more and puting back all the old ones.